Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tutorial: Proper ringtone usage

Ringtones suck. All. Pawlowsk dogs we turn.
(How come wikipedia in english doesn't have that?)

Lesson 1: start a conspiracy, rebellion or simple mass disobedience as recently seen on the philippines.
The ringtone is said to be an unauthorized recording of some politicians doing dirty talk. Sure it doesn't matter if its fake or real.... the effect is butterfly.
The government actually prohibited having, selling and humming the tone.
So lets hope either politicians ban ringtones or ringtones ban politicians. ;)
All you gotta do at this point is download a fine audiotool for voice altering
and mixing to create your own prank. Create a recording of class or workmates talking bad about others or alike ...your mates will love it. ;)

#This seems to be the first reasonable purpose for a ringtone.#

Monday, June 13, 2005

The new trouble!

Hahahaha, Jamba running into trouble again? The Heise magazine reports on investigations by german law enforcements. The commision for youth media protection has ringtones on their agenda, a closer look is especially taken at the subscription of ringtones and the and how much the Jamba ads really suck. The german media institutes also take action on the amount of tv spam ppl have to suffer. Though anyone can doubt it'll result into sth. least it steals plenty of ppl plenty of time. Hey!

Also this: Besides Jamba they also focus "ZED".
Makes me think of pulp fiction...but zed seems alive.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The new threat!

Besides the never ending terror of lame animated shit from the stoneage of multimedia Jamster found a new way to reeeeeally get on our balls again. Everyones zapping habbits changed since sweetie so now a new attack with no escape: BANNERS. Ancient way for internet promotion...but hey, they are brothers, what do they know about real life?
The Forum is right: We all hate Jamba and how to advoid their adsensing?
As known from the Sweetie commercial we have to fear 1.750.000 Jamster banners per day if one just visits a forum on a regular basis. Uargh. Post your favourite spam assins ans web-blockers in the comment to this post. :)
Is their terrible revenge for the "anti-jamster banner campaign"?

Another nice forum filled with hate is the "Gamecube Europe Board".