Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sell the shit before yer ass' on fire.

So did the Samwer Brothers. Rite after selling their facebookcopy StudiVZ to Holtzbrinck group the page got defaced.
The "coders" and other with StudiVZ affiliated nerds claimed in their blog the homebrew is hack-safe. Not only that: even the CCC failed to hack it.
Ofcoz that is a lie rite from the beginning, since the CCC would never take part in such a scriptkiddiecontest nor fail.
Anyways: the homebrew page got DEFACED!

What did we learn today?
a)Don't mess the CCC. ;)
b)Don't believe Samwer affiliates.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Samwer take the JACKPOT...again.

Jackpot! Yes, the Samwers managed again to sell a stolen idea for a ton of gold.
Having earned money with unlicensed content for Jamba/Jamster or running a lame e-Bay copy in Germany they were now able to sell their copy of facebook to the Holzbrinck Group. With StudiVZ they earned 100.000.000 Euro (or 130.000.000$ in case you are still using old-world-money ;)