Saturday, October 21, 2006

Samwer Brothers are back the cheating business. Where else?
Their "next big coup" is a copy of facebook and is named StudiVerzeichnis.
How they cheat this time? Well, according to law any advertisement must be recognizeable as an ad to the consumer. You're not allowed to advertise and have it look a real journalistic report and so on..
In the neverending junkie-alike need for more money those freaks bought themselves into the lame copy of facebook and use the admin accounts for blasting out their "viral marketing".
In a mail to all users the admin advised all users to buy a rather bad record.
A group named "Juli" creates terrible radio music with no great ideas in text and sound....that is why none wanted to buy the lastest one.

Beware of faked mails and fresh spam from the Samwer Brothers. :)


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