Sunday, March 18, 2007

VIACOM about to bust the Samwer Brothers?

As mentioned some month back, the evil Samwer Brothers try to reproduce their big CRIME.
Jamba/Jamster was based on the unauhtorized usage of intellectual property.
The stole clips like "Sweetie" or "Crazy Frog" on p2p networks and sold it as content for cell phones. They got away with it.

Still being criminals, the Samwer Brothers run the warezplattform MyVideo which uses content YouTube wouldn't even dare to host. VIACOM is right now checking what legal threats are possible. If we all are lucky they'll face some time in prison.
(german article:HEISE)

How long will it take 'til morons like the Holtzbrinck recognize "Samwer" is the reincarnation of Kim Schmitz?

We strongly discourage anyone to work,trade or even talk with criminals.
We'd like to encourage anyone to PAY for intellectual property.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do you suck?

If you are into ringtones: probably YES.
Mad4MobilePhones asked the Brits and got stunning results. 80% of all people are ashamed of their crappy ringtones while 97% even judge ones personality based on the choice of their ringtone.

80% of all ringtones are awkward.
80% of all consumers are too stupid to get a ringtone they like.
97% of all people suck in the opinion of others.

How much do people hate you?
That depends on your ringtone.
Got the crazy frog? and hide.


Top 10 hit - Moves with times but could be a fashion victim who tries too hard to be cool

Classic Hit - A laid back thirty something attempting to make a statement with a personal favourite

Hollywood Blockbuster - A real movie buff, but perhaps watches one too many films!

Current TV show - Fun personality - but has too much time on their hands

Retro TV show - Creative individual with a love for pop culture - however can appear a little nerdy

Children's theme tune - Game for a laugh, up for having a good time - though has a tendency to annoy people

Sport theme tune - Armchair sportsperson who enjoys a laugh with the lads/girls also a tad unimaginative

Classical - Tasteful and educated, yet probably on the old side

Made for ringtone (crazy frog etc) - Totally unacceptable - most likely a Chav

Mobile setting (original ringtone) - Not trying to impress, probably got better things to do than constantly changing their ringtone

Ring Ring - Uber cool, no need to impress though some view as boring - shows a lack of confidence and creativity

Vibrate setting - An Introvert not wanting to be noticed or a businessman not wanting to be rude

This means:
If you want people to stop hating you, you have to stop buying ringtones from Jamster!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sell the shit before yer ass' on fire.

So did the Samwer Brothers. Rite after selling their facebookcopy StudiVZ to Holtzbrinck group the page got defaced.
The "coders" and other with StudiVZ affiliated nerds claimed in their blog the homebrew is hack-safe. Not only that: even the CCC failed to hack it.
Ofcoz that is a lie rite from the beginning, since the CCC would never take part in such a scriptkiddiecontest nor fail.
Anyways: the homebrew page got DEFACED!

What did we learn today?
a)Don't mess the CCC. ;)
b)Don't believe Samwer affiliates.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Samwer take the JACKPOT...again.

Jackpot! Yes, the Samwers managed again to sell a stolen idea for a ton of gold.
Having earned money with unlicensed content for Jamba/Jamster or running a lame e-Bay copy in Germany they were now able to sell their copy of facebook to the Holzbrinck Group. With StudiVZ they earned 100.000.000 Euro (or 130.000.000$ in case you are still using old-world-money ;)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Samwer involved in Sex Stalking?

According to the german SPIEGEL, Samwers StudiVZ runs inofficial several "mens-clubs" online that stalk women.
Their lame copy of facebook seems just to have the stuff to attract perverts.
Unlike openBC/Xing where women intend either to look professional or like a bitch looking for "business-partnership", the StudiVZ was ment to be for bored students.
Too bad one of the founders, Ehssan Dariani, got caught taking pictures of women on the toilett at a party. Along with the stalking allegations it seems the Samwer Brothers still look like nerds that need it bad.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Indications of a crime: Samwers in Romania

Geeez, what if you got no own creativity, no content but a high level of criminal power?
Rite, you sell stuff without permission. Usual suspects go allofmp3,tlf and others. So have a guess: the criminal minds went romania.

MYVIDEO BROADBAND S.R.L, 4 Dr. Raureanu Str., ap. 4, 3rd floor, 050048 Bukarest,

A good idea for criminal action is always to have all legal issues way in the east!
Quote from the disclaimer:
"13.2 Erfüllungsort und ausschließlicher Gerichtsstand ist, soweit gesetzlich zulässig, Bukarest, Rumänien."

Involved in this action is also the german PRO7SAT1MEDIA AG.

Monday, October 30, 2006

WARNING! Thieves approaching!!

The Samwer Brothers really already seem to have spent all the money they earned on Jamba(273mill US$) or Alando(47mill US$).
Still they have not been creating any jobs: Alando is eBay now and Jamba/Jamster only used stolen content.
What did we learn? Stealing stuff is great! "User-generated-content" is "Theft 2.0".
The Samwer Brothers launch another new project based on thievery: MyVideo
As much as the idea is stolen from YouTube, as much the Samwer Brothers stretch the legal issues. Specially aiming at illegal content the user is asked to upload "any kind of material". The site does not feature a community or anything alike... the plan is just to sell stuff you don't own. Just like they did with Jamba/Jamster.
Alando was illegal aswell, since there were quite some patents around that would NOT have allowed the Samer Brothers to run such a service. But hey, they never cared for copyright, intellectual property or the law.
To top the whole idea they even stole the logo...please compare: (Samwer shit) (real thing)

Please anyone support a global stop of any access to the internet for Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer.