Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do you suck?

If you are into ringtones: probably YES.
Mad4MobilePhones asked the Brits and got stunning results. 80% of all people are ashamed of their crappy ringtones while 97% even judge ones personality based on the choice of their ringtone.

80% of all ringtones are awkward.
80% of all consumers are too stupid to get a ringtone they like.
97% of all people suck in the opinion of others.

How much do people hate you?
That depends on your ringtone.
Got the crazy frog? and hide.


Top 10 hit - Moves with times but could be a fashion victim who tries too hard to be cool

Classic Hit - A laid back thirty something attempting to make a statement with a personal favourite

Hollywood Blockbuster - A real movie buff, but perhaps watches one too many films!

Current TV show - Fun personality - but has too much time on their hands

Retro TV show - Creative individual with a love for pop culture - however can appear a little nerdy

Children's theme tune - Game for a laugh, up for having a good time - though has a tendency to annoy people

Sport theme tune - Armchair sportsperson who enjoys a laugh with the lads/girls also a tad unimaginative

Classical - Tasteful and educated, yet probably on the old side

Made for ringtone (crazy frog etc) - Totally unacceptable - most likely a Chav

Mobile setting (original ringtone) - Not trying to impress, probably got better things to do than constantly changing their ringtone

Ring Ring - Uber cool, no need to impress though some view as boring - shows a lack of confidence and creativity

Vibrate setting - An Introvert not wanting to be noticed or a businessman not wanting to be rude

This means:
If you want people to stop hating you, you have to stop buying ringtones from Jamster!