Monday, July 17, 2006

Relief: Jamster dead soon!

We didn't put anything here for a while since everything has been said:
Jamster/Jamba/Ringtonebastards suck.

After having those weird Samwer brothers resign in december 2005 and Jamster loosing basicly every trial they've been facing, we proudly predict the death of Jamster by the end of this year.

How come?
Financial Times Germany recently found out that they sell less and less ringtones.
Result: -32% earnings
But hey, Verisign has all the money in the world to keep the lousy service up and on your nerves.
So, the real good news is that they are incapable of setting up their long planned "Music Portal".
Neither they yet were able to get the DRM up and running nor do artists cooperate with them. Only the most greedy labels are said to be interested.

also read:
Heise(german) or moconews(english).
Quote moconews:
"Yeah, that’s a shocker: VeriSign’s mobile content business is “looking like a disaster,” according to a report released this week by American Technology Research analyst Albert Lin, and says that VRSN should sell its content division (that has been the speculation in the industry over the last quarter or so)."