Sunday, March 18, 2007

VIACOM about to bust the Samwer Brothers?

As mentioned some month back, the evil Samwer Brothers try to reproduce their big CRIME.
Jamba/Jamster was based on the unauhtorized usage of intellectual property.
The stole clips like "Sweetie" or "Crazy Frog" on p2p networks and sold it as content for cell phones. They got away with it.

Still being criminals, the Samwer Brothers run the warezplattform MyVideo which uses content YouTube wouldn't even dare to host. VIACOM is right now checking what legal threats are possible. If we all are lucky they'll face some time in prison.
(german article:HEISE)

How long will it take 'til morons like the Holtzbrinck recognize "Samwer" is the reincarnation of Kim Schmitz?

We strongly discourage anyone to work,trade or even talk with criminals.
We'd like to encourage anyone to PAY for intellectual property.


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