Monday, October 30, 2006

WARNING! Thieves approaching!!

The Samwer Brothers really already seem to have spent all the money they earned on Jamba(273mill US$) or Alando(47mill US$).
Still they have not been creating any jobs: Alando is eBay now and Jamba/Jamster only used stolen content.
What did we learn? Stealing stuff is great! "User-generated-content" is "Theft 2.0".
The Samwer Brothers launch another new project based on thievery: MyVideo
As much as the idea is stolen from YouTube, as much the Samwer Brothers stretch the legal issues. Specially aiming at illegal content the user is asked to upload "any kind of material". The site does not feature a community or anything alike... the plan is just to sell stuff you don't own. Just like they did with Jamba/Jamster.
Alando was illegal aswell, since there were quite some patents around that would NOT have allowed the Samer Brothers to run such a service. But hey, they never cared for copyright, intellectual property or the law.
To top the whole idea they even stole the logo...please compare: (Samwer shit) (real thing)

Please anyone support a global stop of any access to the internet for Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer.


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