Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sweety tumbling...

Great pleasure to read about the trouble Jamba/Jamster/VeriSign run in to.
A summary published today by c't points out that the ringtone terrorists face various new accusations world wide:
08-2005 Germany
06-2005 Germany
06-2005 UK
04-2005 USA
02-2005 Germany
02-2005 UK

Austian media has found out Jamster is active in over 20 countries.
Useless to read that turks prefer sms-lovepoems while spanish folx prefer music; still to mention there is that a Jamster music download costs about 5 Euro in western europe while it is only 2 Euro in the east.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Yes. It is over!
According to the german magazine "Der Spiegel" all ringtone threats will be banned from october 2005 on. MTV and Viva that is.
We thank you,Catherine Mühlemann!
Lets hope the Samwer brothers earned enough and stop stealing good ideas.
They lately failed in buying "Studio Funk" and "VCC" in Hamburg which lets us hope by now anyone knows that Samwer is the reincarnation of Kim Schmitz.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is Schnappi the next or last paintone?

K.N.I.S.(kensei news and information service) figured out what piece of bullshit hit us all after The Crazy Frog. Not only Kensei wonders how come "Schnappi" bashed R.Williams off the top.

The UK Mirror is with you! An essay about pain.
And there even seems to be a new campaign against that frog in her majesties land!