Sunday, June 05, 2005

The new threat!

Besides the never ending terror of lame animated shit from the stoneage of multimedia Jamster found a new way to reeeeeally get on our balls again. Everyones zapping habbits changed since sweetie so now a new attack with no escape: BANNERS. Ancient way for internet promotion...but hey, they are brothers, what do they know about real life?
The Forum is right: We all hate Jamba and how to advoid their adsensing?
As known from the Sweetie commercial we have to fear 1.750.000 Jamster banners per day if one just visits a forum on a regular basis. Uargh. Post your favourite spam assins ans web-blockers in the comment to this post. :)
Is their terrible revenge for the "anti-jamster banner campaign"?

Another nice forum filled with hate is the "Gamecube Europe Board".


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