Friday, February 18, 2005

Back to the future

If taking a deeper look into the history of Jamster/Jamba you get this feeling of having to throw up. For example the University of Berlin has some presentation online from may 2004. Has it all been planned longer than we thought? Well, what they have in this large essay shows clearly the evilness of the "Samwer Brothers". There seem to be plans since years to get on everybodys balls.

But lets go back in time even further: It is september 2001
Jamba is still a small rip off ...idea taken from some US company.
The "Samwer Brothers" just cheated eBay by leaving Alando.
Alando is just an auction place they screwed up before. The usual: low wages, no new let's sell the shit and get outta here.
Read a detailed article here: dotcomtod


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